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we're easy going, fun, and playful. my son is adopted, i'm a working professional.
Help caring for a 2.5 year-old boy 3 days per week, some light housework. 3 days off each week.
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we are a young fun loving family who want nothing but the best for our beautiful little girl. i just started a maternity boutique in the town we live in while my fiance works full time. we have tried to find daycare but are having no luck as most of them are full. i am going to try to go back to school as well next spring but in the meantime just work at the store. i am 23 years old and my fiance is 27. we have a 1 yr. old daughter who is a ball full of personality. we keep her on a pretty regulated schedule and would love her to stay pretty structured. we enjoy our families and spend a lot of time with them. we would love to have a nanny that wants to be part of the family and who will love our little girl as much as we do. we can't wait to hear from you!
I am looking for someone to watch my daughter 3 full days out of the week with evenings after 6:30 free and weekends free. (maybe occassional help one weekend day.) We would expect our daughter to be cared for, played with, fed her meals and snacks and to pick up after her. We would also expect help with keeping our home tidy if you are also living with us. We want someone to become our nanny but also part of the family and friend. You must be fun, respectful, trustworthy and honest. .......If you would like to earn a little extra money 1-2 other children can be arranged to also be in your care. Free time is enough that you could also have a part time job or attend the University of Montana which is minutes away.
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We are the standard Western American family; and to those who arrent familiar, Montana is most likely the last place left in America that firmly holds, and lives the old values of our English, Scottish and Nordic ancestors; and we are blessed to live it in the most beautiful spot in America, if not the world. We are currently in the process of donating our current small ranch to a local childrens rehabilitation center, and purchasing a huge ranch in the Bitter Root Valley, close to the town of Missoula Montana. This ranch will have a large main house for you to live in until construction on a second house built for you personally is finished. Missoula has long been considered the Paris France of America. Do some internet research on the area. Our new Ranch will have all the best of everything, and is the size of most small European countries. All vehicles will be provided for either basic transportation and others for fun, i.e. horses, snowmobiles, 4-wheeler's, boats ect. If you dont know how to do it, we will teach you. If your not licensed for it, we will help you get it at our expense. We are not looking for a person who just wants a job. We are searching for a person who wish's to relocate, and build a new life for themselves around our family. We are a caring, and giving people; and the right person will be accepted by us as additional family, not an employee and never again want for anything. There will also be the ability for you to bring other family members or friends here to live with you as well, if you wish, and or visit. In contrast to all this: Although retired, my background is in Gov't Intelligence: Do not try to hide any past legal issues if any, as I am able to investigate backgrounds regardless of borders. Also; All applicants regardless of any prior minor legal issues will still be considered fairly, and a determination made after the interview. We all look foreward to finding the perfect match.
Basically as an aid to my wife in order to free up her time. We home school our son which already confines a few hrs of her day. Nanny will not have to help in the schooling unless she wish's.
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