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my family is very open, professional, and should be a stress free environment in which to work. we are really in strong need of help so would be very grateful for anyone in the area willing to take the position.
My wife is 4 months pregnant with our third and final child and we need someone to help her during the morning before the kids go to daycare at 1:00.
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We're due with our first in mid-september! We want to hire a female nanny to take care of our newborn girl and give us a break once a week, on either a Saturday or a Sunday, consistently every week, starting from October and on as she grows up. It will serve as time for us to be together, do what we need, or just get some sleep. We want someone who has experience, someone who knows how to work with newborns, has professional references, a good background check, and will absolutely not smoke, drink, or do drugs. We will pay $5-$15 an hour (depending on experience), and could be out anywhere from 6-14 hours that day every week. The nanny should stay in the house with our baby and not go anywhere, unless there is a medical emergency for the baby of course. The nanny must also be comfortable with cats, as we have 2. They are more friendly than average, so you should be ok with them jumping up on your lap. Our main concern is that you keep our child safe, which means keeping an eye on her at all times, and following our instructions. We also want someone interactive, who will play with her and enjoys it! Other than that, you are welcome to be on the internet or do whatever else you can do when baby is safe and does not need to be attended to. No one else should be invited to the home. We live in an apartment complex. I am a young Assistant Professor in social psychology at Ball State University and my husband is a self-employed artist who owns his own business. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about our family or the situation. We'd love to hear from you and do an interview if you're interested!

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