Nanny jobs in PALMA DE MALLORCA Spain:

We are a pretty normal family ! Quiet , we dont entertain much at home or go out much in the evening. We socialise at weekends with a small group of friends, mainly at the beach or picnics in the mountains. We try to lead a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy a laugh and a joke, reading, listening to music, and trying to stay on top of our busy lives. The children are well mannered and nice children to be with. We do not tolerate rudeness from our children, and are teaching our children to respect others and to respect themselves, which is pretty much how we live.
7 am Help with children dressed and bath. Help prepare breakfast.Gather laundry,put on a load, and any folding from dryer. maybe take one child to school,or stay with baby while Felicity drops children at school. An hour of housework between 9 and 10 a.m. Free time then until afternoon, and 5.p.m help with supper and bedtime. Free in the evenings after 8.30. Would expect au pair home before 10.30 during the week if she goes out.
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we are an international family looking forward to a wonderful 3 month working holiday in spain. my wife's family our from spain (she grew up in the usa) and i am south african. we and our two children (isabella - 4 and alexander- 6 months) can't wait to enjoy the large summer house and surrounding countryside outside pollensa in mallorca. we loved to swim, hike, boat and enjoy great spanish food. we are looking for a nanny who loves kids, has good experience and wants to enjoy the summer in a warm, beautiful setting with a fun family hoping to do the same.
Looking after the two children 8 - 6pm and some baby sitting at night
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Single Mum living in Mallorca requires childcare for three year old daughter. Mum is air stewardess in the Uk and needs someone for approx 14 days a month( not in one block! ) . the rest of the month is free time. Carer must be mature and willing to have sole charge. Daughter attends school full time and also attends swimming classes after school. Knowledge of Spanish would be ideal. Native English speaker required. non smoker with driving licence. In order not to unsettle my daughter too much I would like someone who is willing to work At Least one year.
Only working for appprox 14 days a month and 14 off.. I work away and the au pair must be prepared to have sole charge. My daughter goes to school five days a week full time.
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Fun, energetic, busy busy busy. We own a beautiful night bar in Mallorca, so need someone who will fit into our family as a family member, someone who is great with children and happy to look after a 8 mth old baby girl and a 4 year old for 6 months and still have time to enjoy the sunshine and beach life we have here. A confident driver is required and someone who is qualified to look after babies. We love life and enjoy it to the full. Our 4 yr old girl speaks English, Spanish and German. She attends a private school. In June/july/august our Nanny would be expected to really help out as we are at our busiest, outside of this time, life is just a holiday.
to get my 4 yr old girl up and ready for school, driver her there. Look after baby for a couple of hours in the morning. Pick 4 yr old up from school and in June/July & August be at home 5 nights a week to look after children as we own a night bar. Free time is about 6/8 hours a day. We have a cleaner so no cleaning involved. Bascially this is an easy Au Pair role but I would like a qualified person as we will have an 8 month old baby girl as well as a 4 year old.
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We are a happy, close fun family looking forward to the new baby in feb. looking for someone trustworthy, reliable and fun to help us, hope to hear from you soon!
general help with keeping house tidy, 6-7 hrs a day, 5 days a week
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Father is a pilot and away 50% of the time, loving young couple needing some help with beautiful little boy with too much energy.

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We live in a very nice city Palma the main city of the balearic island. Is a very nice place to live very sunny in summer but cold in winter.We are a very calm pair, we like to be at home. we have a dog too. We love our daughter so the most important thing is finding a person who really love children, very responsible and careful.
4-5hours day taking care of our daughter teaching her chinese. doing light housework. saturdays afternoon and all sundays free
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We are Lyn and Ely from Mallorca, Spain. We needed nanny,to help as with newborn baby.
Help with newborn baby, free time ap agreement.
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We have two sons 2 and 4 years old we live in a beautiful home in mallorca over looking the sea an dclose to the major city. my husband works from home. we are from vancouver canada. we require someone that is flexible and likes children truly!!has experience with infants and toddlers and alot of energy. required to swim and speak some english is a bonus. driving also would be an asset.
to care for the child and do most of the housework when the children are in school. the boys go to school monday to friday 9 to 5pm. the days off for the nanny at monday morning at 9am till tues at 4pm. it is a live in position and duties are to keeep the house tidy and clothes washed and ironed and bath the children and requested to sleep with the 2 year old in the nights.
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It is a very nice house, I am an alone person,

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We are a Norwegian / English family with two children Lydian boy born 26.08.2010 and Mayni girl born 17.09.2007. Father is working from an office in the finca and mother is currently at home. We would like to have an au pair because we want to help our children to speak Spanish fluently in a short time. From September 2011 Mayni will be in school from 9-14 and Lydian will be at home. Our business is a language learning boardgame and making music.
We are a very flexible family and do a lot of our work at home, so the au pair will not be left alone with the children for long hours every day. We need an au pair that can be a natural party of our family with lots of initiative to do creative activities with the children and practice Spanish with them. We, the parents speak Spanish. Our children take great interest in music, painting, crafts and swimming.
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We are just 3, mother, father and daughter. Very open minded and active on the island on which we live 2 years now. We have a very cute german girlie, very open and interested and quiet energetic (but not hyper active!). She loves to do almost everything - except being bored. Painting, going for a walk in the mountains, sports, playing, cooking, going by bike and inline skates, swimming, etc. She is speaking german, english and spanish.
We are looking for a british english native speaker (without strong dialect). Take good care of our daughter and be her a good friend and "teacher" in a respectful way. During school time you have an easy life, while it is a day job in her holidays from June, 23 to September
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Nice swedish family with healthy lifestyle

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She has to be clean, expierence with small baby.Cleaning & cooking also is good.

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Im A Fast Learner , As A Mother Of 3 Children I Know Well The Needs Of Kids And Doin The House Keepers..
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We are a very open minded family, having already seen a lot of this beautiful world. Ou daughter is the same and very interested in nearly everything. She is sporty and very active. Loves to paint, help to cook, swim and enjoys her life.
In school holidays 5 to 6 hours per day, in school time 4 hours a week
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We are canadian couple living in mallorca for 10 years my husband works from home. he is 60 and I am 35 years old. our kids are very well behaved, they speak english and spanish and do football 4 times a week after school, it would be helpful it the nanny can drive but does not need their own car. please email me for more information and questions
monday night from 5pm till sunday morning 830am. laundry and cleaning and some times to prepare dinner and breakfast for the kids before school, they are in school from 830pm till 5 pm. so when all is clean you are free till they are off school. must like animals>
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Hello, we are a family with 2 parents and 2 small kids. We work from April till November without days off and vacations, and we need a n experienced and responsible person to take care of our kids and the house on a daily basis.

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Live in Nanny in Palma de Mallorca Spain for a female fro 3 years

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Lovely 2 beautiful girls, very funny and love everyone. We very active and love the outdoors. We want someone that is willing to be one of the family and treat my kids as their little sisters
1-2 days per week and evenings
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Oyur little girl Eowyn is a beautiful healthy little girl. With Dad away as a Sea Captain and Mum looking after the little one we are hoping for someone to enable us to spend a little time on each other. We hope someone might be able to help us look after our daughter and relieve some of the chores from us both.
Assist in looking after our daughter to allow hard worked couple time to be together
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We are a small and friendly British family
For the month of August only a few hours a day
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