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Very warm & straight forward family.
day care taking care of my elderly mother including cooking meal & simple housekeeping work.
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We are a close knit family and love to go outing together. we love good food and we enjoy lots of laughter. Father works in Johor and comes back on the weekend. Mother works in Kl and reach home around 8pm daily.
To take care of my baby,prepare food for the kids and cleaning Day off on Saturday and Sunday
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I have three girls, the eldest is 5 yo and goes to pre-school in the mornings until about 12 pm. The twins are 2 yo, and are always a joy to be around.

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Me and my husband are full-time working parents. My mother-in-law is at home with my daughter and maid most of the time. As my daughter is a very active and fast-learning little girl, I need someone who can dedicate their time to teaching her instead of just "watching over her" by feeding her. Most of the time, the maid takes care of her as my mother-in-law is often out and about. I am not comfortable with the maid taking care of her as she has her housework to do too and can't put her full attention on my daughter which resulted in my daughter obtaining unexplained bruises every now and then. The maid is hired by my in-laws so I would prefer to have a nanny that is completely dedicated to caring for my girl. I also have a 15-year old brother in law and 21- year old sister-in-law living with us.
To feed, play and teach my 10-month old daughter. Work weekdays from 9am-6pm.
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We are a young busy couple looking for a caring and responsible nanny for our baby.
Primarily to look after the baby & some cooking
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Educated family. Easy going. Will not slave drive. Priority - ensure children are well taken care of. Accomodation and food provided.
Primary role - take care of the children. Secondary role - light cleaning of the house. 1 day off. Sunday.
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Young and small family, open, easy going. Very tidy and clean house requires only minimal routine housekeeping. Both parents are highly educated and have professional occupation. You will love the family, the house, the neighbourhood and the community you live in!
We are very easy-going family.... we are looking for an experienced, honest, trustworthy fulltime live-in nanny/aupair/assistant, to be part of the family for longer term. Primarily task would be taking care of our 1-yr old boy and some light house work assistance, cooking and gardening would be a plus. Some administrative/personal assistance skills would be advantageous! -- The father could use some assistance for his business, again, very trivial. We would regard the duties mentioned are pretty light, you will get some of the freetime after dinner and weekends, and whenever both parents are not occupied by theirs routine job.
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We are looking for a responsible and loving babysitter/nanny to care for our 5 month old cute & bubbly baby. The job is part-time for only weekdays at our home in Shah Alam, just 15 minutes by car from Damansara Nkve toll. preferred working hours is from 2pm-6pm but flexible for arrangements. Nanny only needs to care for infant as we have a live-in maid to do household chores & parent to assist. pay can be discussed. Only seeking nannies who are already in Malaysia and has a working permit (if required). please do not apply if you are not based in Malaysia.

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Small easy going family. First time parents so we are looking for a nanny with experience in caring for baby. Simple house cleaning required. Allowed to have Sundays off.
Mainly to care for our baby, house cleaning & occassional light cooking for baby. Sunday off-day.
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We live in Canada and just come home to Malaysia for 3 months. I have to undergo a surgery and medical treatment, thus I need my kids to be taken care of. My 7 yrs old girl and 5 yrs old boy are relatively easy to handle. Concentration should be place on caring the 10 myths old girl. This job is temporary (ie 3 mths) as we are going back to Canada after.

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We have the easy going kids and require a nanny to take care of them at our office for 5 days a week (monday to friday) from 9am to 5pm.

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I work from home, very particular about neatness and pretty organized - I already have a daily routine for my child to follow (activities, meals and outings to parks/playgrounds). Driver provided for my son and his outings. Meals will be provided and a personal room to rest during my son's naps.
Essentially to look after a hyper toddler of two years old, daytime (for 4-6 hours), preferably can teach to read and write and also accompany to outings such as playgrounds and parks, or even movies.
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My family very simple and open minded
take care of my daughter morning 8 am until 6pm
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Looking for local maid who wants to live in/ out to take care 2 of my boys. The house maid should assist to clean, cook and look after the boys.

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Late 20s parents looking for a babysitter to take care of our 5 mth old baby during weekdays:)

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