Nanny jobs in ST HELIER Jersey:

we are a young family with one child of 2 and one about to be born (17th feb). we live in a nice old house in the country, close to the beach (atlantic ocean) in st ouen in jersey (channel islands gb). france is only 20 miles away so we go there often on holiday. (we would expect our housekeeper/nanny to come with us when we go there or travel internationally - 4 times a year). we have a very friendly bear of a dog called diesel who loves everyone. we are fairly relaxed and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. with regards to our children we believe in a good routine and are strict to a point but give a lot of freedom to their own individual characters to develop in their own ways. we are non religous but 100% tolerant of people's beliefs. in terms of how the house is run, we like things done properly and always make sure its clean and orderly. although we've never had a housekeeper/nanny and done things ourselves, we'd like someone to keep the house like this - to our standards. in terms of helping with the children, it will mainly be helping with their routines - getting them up, breakfast, lunches, dinners, tidying, cleaning. playing. we will be there most of the time so the person will never be alone for long. we would also like some one that is going to provide a long term commitment - longer than 2 years and as long as possible. long term commitment will be rewarded accordingly. whoever choses to apply will enjoy all the places we go on holiday too. hope this helps, but will always answer more questions!
70% housekeeping around mainly childrens needs, 30 % looking after them
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hi we are a happy busy family living on the beautiful island of jersey, we have a very active lifesyle and play lots of sport. my husband and i both work, he has a hotel and i work for a chiropractor part-time. we really need an extra pair of hands as the holidays are coming up and i need some help with our 2 gorgeous boys. the boys are very happy boys who love being outdoors but are equally happy to paint or play lego or bake cookies, esecially if they can eat them at the end!!. we have lots of beaches and we have lots of friends who have au pairs so meeting other people is very easy. our previous au pair is happy to discuss us with you as we keep in touch with her regularly. we have a language school nearby with regular courses but living as part of a family with 2 chatty young boys will soon improve your english. if you think you may be our next a pair we look forward to hearing from you.
we would like au pair to workapprox 30 hours per weekduring school holidays and a little les during term time. 2 days off each week. I would like boys rooms kept clean and tidy along with au pairs room and bathroom i expect someone to clean up after themselves and if dishwasher needs emptying then do it or if we are there 1st then we will. Live as part of a family and do to others as you would like to have done to you. We will need a confident driver as you will be asked to do school pick ups, prepare light meals for boys.We are a fairly health conscious family. We both work so during school holidays you will be on your own at times with the boys. I dont ask for housework to be done but would ask you to do the ironing as i hate it.
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Hello! We're a very friendly, easy-going couple looking for a nanny/au pair to help us look after our lively, happy 10 month old son Lowen. whilst mum works 3 days each week (tues - Thurs). we live on the beautiful island of Jersey, Channel Islands, which is a British (english-speaking) island close to France. Lowen, our son, will be 1 in September. He is a very active but flexible and easy-going baby, full of smiles and lots of laughter. He is also very sociable and loves meeting people. Gavin works full time (it Consultant) and Sarah part-time (environmental Manager) from Tues to Thurs. This is a live-in position to take sole care of Lowen during the day from Tues to Thurs until we get home and help with light household chores. There would be occasional evening baby sitting during the week and maybe the odd weekend evening. We would like to welcome someone into our family who would provide Lowen with lots of love and fun to help him develop his creative side and be willing to take him along to some of the many pop-in groups and activities that Jersey has to offer. Jersey is a beautiful, safe and friendly place to live, with lots of stunning beaches and countryside. There are a number of language schools on the island and we would encourage our nanny/au pair to develop their own social life too. We live in a quiet, rural part of the Island but there are buses and we'd provide you with a car - nowhere is far in Jersey!
looking for someone to have sole charge of our child during the day from Tues -Thurs, plus occasional babysitting
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Lovely and caring young family - professional hard working couple - who needs just a help for the most fab kids!
Looking after 9 months old Mia 5 days a week and Matti but only 2 days a week as he goes to nursery. Taking kids for a walk and playing games. Help with light duties at home
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French happy family. We like to have fun and be nice to each other

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We are an outgoing and easy to live with family. The children are well adjusted happy boys who enjoy the outdoors, their family life, friends and school. We are both working parents with demanding jobs so we are looking for an energetic and committed person who enjoys their job. There will be a reasonable amount of free time as the boys are at school so although the job is paid at full time rates there will be opportunities to do other things outside of work daily. Professionally we need someone who is proactive, kind and intelligent. Socially we need a cheerful, happy person with outside interests. We have employed nannies for a number of years and have had good relations with those people we have worked with so have some understanding of the issues faced on the employee side.
The nanny will cook for the children and look after their needs and keep their rooms clean and tidy. Some additional light housework will also be required in connection with this - e.g. keep the kitchen clean after use but not act as the general cleaner.
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Baby boy three weeks old. Family living in the parish of St Ouen.

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We are a fun loving family of 5 that has recently moved from the Uk to Jersey. We have 3 busy but lovely children. Matthew is 8, Jessica is 6 and Jack (the busiest) is 3 years old. They are at school during the day and we have a busy schedule with activities and homework in the evenings. i am a stay at home Mum that would like someone to assist with our daily routine to make our life a little easier. Over the last 8 years, we have had 3 wonderful au pairs, each of whom became a part of our extended family. They are available for references or for further information on being with our family. ideally, we would like someone to help for 25 hours per week (monday to Friday) and be available for evening babysitting. we would like someone to start as soon as possible.
We would like our au pair to assist with childcare, cooking, ironing, light housework and babysitting. We are flexible with hours, but ideally 25 hours during the day from Monday to Friday and for her to be available for 2 nights babysitting, although not every week.
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Friendly etc

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Just need someone to sit once or twice a month to give is a night out

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We are a fabulous and fun family of four. We moved to the Island of Jersey, (part of the channel islands just of the coast of france) about a year ago (but still travel frequently back to London, we also have a second home in France so you may be required to travel with us) jersey is a stunning island, with some amazing beaches and a lot of water sport activities in the summer. We have 2 dogs, 2 chickens and a horse. We live in large period house on the cliff tops over-looking the see about 10 min walk from the beach. we, (daniel and Yumi) are both British, although Yumi is half Japanese. we have two girls, Arabella, 3.5 years (nick named Millie ) and Allegra (2.5 years) nicked named Georgie. Mille is really bright, very outgoing, loves to sing, dance, bake cakes, horse ride and has a very creative mind for making up games. She likes to play with people and would love to have a creative nanny that is up for some fun. georgie is quieter and happy to play on her own and can be quite shy. She loves animals and insects. She loves nature and being outdoors. She absolutely loves water, the sea and swimming. millie started school in early January. Her school is a 7 min drive and she attends from 9 till 1 everyday. Georgie will also be starting at the same school in September. the idea of for Au pair was to essentially provide general assistance with the girls during the day but specifically to be on hand two mornings a week so Yumi can have some individual time for Yoga, gym and riding. what do we expect from the au pair? well, not having had an au pair it's a little hard to say. we have just joined a great gym 5 mins away and we are keen to get the girls swimming but the pool requires one adult per child. We expect an au pair to assist with the children, assist with general household errands, walking of the dogs (potentially exercising the horse, riding out on the beach). We would expect the au pair to work one day of the weekend. The most important thing will be personality and the ability to join in the household. driving is absolutely essential in Jersey, we are two car household and will make a car available for the au pairs days off. With replies please can you indicate you have access to Skype and we can do first interviews with the girls online. We look forward to hearing form you. best wishes Daniel, Yumi, Millie and
Generally need help after they come back from school so I can have some time to go to the gym! Mornings are free apart from the odd occasion where I may have an appointment. We would like to have a night out a week, but the children are very good and sleep from 7:30.
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Lovely separate accommodation for Live in nanny for family with 2yr old and new born.Experience with young babies and excellent references required. Current Crb check required. and hours negotiable.
Must have experience with new born baby Be able to drive Will do about 40 hrs max a week , looking after toddler/ or baby. Mostly during afternoons - most weekends off except if we need help with children's birthday party etc. one night baby sitting. Hours flexible. May have enough free time to have another job if u wish.
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Happy fun warm family looking to welcome someone into our home
Part if the family but looking after all things Children and light household duties
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We are a loving family. We love traveling, exploring new cultures, their way of living and eating. We are social and spend lots of time with family and friends. Our boys are our pride and joy. We would love somebody that would like to become part of our family for a year.
Helping with the boys, dressing, bathing, feeding and playing. Daily household tasks, dishes, making beds, sweep and washing. Off in the evenings.
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