Nanny jobs in LIMASSOL Cyprus:

educated young french speaking family with two young kids leaving as expatriates in cyprus and traveling often to romania for business reasons
Mainly playing with kids in the morning when kids wake up + food preparing for lunch and dinner + evening baby- sitter when parents go out. Free time when baby spleeps in the afternoon usually at least 2 hours. 2 free week ends a month.
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We are looking for Russian nanny with Eu citienship. ??
Usual timetable will be as follows 9.00 Breakfast with children 10.00 -12.30 go to the park, to swimming pool, sea. Play time 13.00 Lunch with children 14.00- 16.00 washing and cleaning 16.00 20.30 exercises, read books, play time 21.00 - shower, bed time
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We are young famyly looking for in-house teacher of German for our two (5 and 3 y.o.) children. We can offer you nice and comfortable accomodation ann competative salary. You have to work 6 hours a day with children playing and communicating with them and also give them one formal language lesson a day. On your free time you can enjoy relaxig Mediterrane style of life at the Island of Cyprus with 360 sunny days a year.
Governess will work 6 hours a day taking care of children together with the nanny also emploeyed by our family.
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A single father requires a person to help my elderly mother with my one year old boy. The person who might be interested should be willing to travel to London from time to time as the father of the child lives there, but the grandparents they live in Cyprus where that will be her base.

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Laid back family but very busy with their business, want the best education for their son. Once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in Cyprus and travel all over Europe.
Monday-Friday 8 hours/day some weekend work may be required
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We are a Very Kind Family and i can Gurantee You
play with the kids do anything at home or we have our own small bussines of papers you fold them put them toghether and set them up for me
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Our kids are really sweet, although they do not speak english very well at the moment. They love playing and talking around.We are a very open, comunicative and warm family.We want the nanny to feel part of the family as well. We expect her to eat with us watch movies with us, come to the beach with us and go to Spain for holidays with us as well (if she wants to).
She will have to help us with the kids (specially playing and feeding), cleaning the house and some simple cooking
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Very nice childrens well educated cook clean and know how to take care alone of thenself very nice family
cooking and average cleaning
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Dear all, i am looking for a kind responsible person from England to take care of my child

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We are very close knit family. Loving, caring and considerate. Our baby daughter is aware of so many things and willing to learn so so much. She has a character and is a joy to be with. We are a very down to earth family.
When baby is sleeping, which is usually from 8am till 9.30am max. To do duties set by the mother in the morning
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We are usual Russian family.
All my kids needs from 9-00 to 18-00 5 days per week.
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We are a loving family who loves to spend time together. We would love to be able to spend as much time with our children as possible, however, we are a working couple and will thus need help with the caring of our youngest two boys whilst at work. Our ideal nanny is someone who is educated, loves children and has a proven record of child minding.

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I am a single mother -welcoming person ,like my childrens to learn to to face difficulties in life ,
teaches my childrens -take care of them mentally ,teaches them how to learn from their mistakes in a funny way -and how to face life chalenges
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Cyprus job for looking after twin infants

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My father he have a stroke and i want one woman to care him

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We no longer need a nanny. Thank you.

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Very demanding Russian wealthy family searching for Super Nanny. We need someone, who will fully replace us as parents, when we are busy. We expect the highest quality, professional attitude and passion for childcare.
strictly non smoker, experienced, energetic, proactive, professional, flexible, used to high standards and demands, no older than 40.
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Intelligent well-educated pair.

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