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ID 33648:
Charlotte is British and she is 19 years old and a native English speaker.

Her message:
I was born charlotte elizabeth alice on the 28th of february 1987, in berkshire, england. i was the 4th child with 3 older brothers, damien, ciaran and owain. my mother was so relieved to get a daughter, in fact, up until my birth everyone thought i was to going to be a boy. no scan had said otherwise. it wasn’t until a midwife not involved with the birth commented on what a lovely girl i was that my mother realised she had had her daughter. nobody had checked, all assuming i was a boy! from then on i have been the girliest girl, delighting in all things pink and have never looked back! when i was 18 months old my father got a job in new zealand- which is where i remained for the next 17 years. my mother is an actress as well as a drama teacher with a private studio attached to the houses we lived in and therefore i grew up with the sounds of shakespeare pervading through the walls, which was quickly passed on to me and soon enough i had caught the acting bug and had drama cursing through my veins. my mother, collette, picked up on this and started taking me along to her rehearsals and shows. the theatre became an absolute haven for me. the evocative allure of the stage pulling me closer and closer as i watched every flicker of emotion pass through the actors faces, the costumes, the make-up, the people. i just knew that this is it, my raison d’etre. around the year 2000 my mother remarried, to a man called stuart wighton(whom i now think of as dad, and deciding to be known as charlotte wighton, rather than charlotte pennington) and i propelled head first into the serious world of drama that i had not yet experienced. from the year 2000 to the year 2004 i had played over 16 lead roles of which included my all time favourite role, juliet from none other than romeo and juliet and anne boleyn from anne of a thousand days. i also competed 3 times a year over a course of 5 years and was fortunate enough to have done extremely well and my passion for the stage was able to be seen. my long term goal is to go to drama school which i will do once i have accumulated the fees. while all of the above was going on i did of course have school, friends and jobs. at school i took drama ( of course) but also history, photography, media studies, pe, english, history of art , travel and tourism and human biology all of which i loved. and maths, which i did not. my jobs consisted of nannying, clerical work, promotions work, acting and modelling and being a fairy. i’ve worked as a fairy since i was 14. it all started when i walked into a shop called the enchanted forest and the owner said i looked like a fairy and would i like to work there. would i ever?! it was a perfect fit, my love for performing plus my love for children combined with the added bonus of glitter. working there meant a hectic, erratic, sporadic and completely opposite to the 9-5 cliché. it was full on with handling different duties; fairying, catering, booking, accounts and retail. but it was all done in a fairy costume and with a smile. but exam time rolled around and i had to temporarily hang up my wings. after the exams i had an idea that i could run my own fairy business, which is exactly what i did. cultivating a network for my parties was a lot of fun (reminded me of a sort-of clean cut disney mafia) i was intrigued one day when i saw the shop where i had my 7th birthday party, the fairy shop was still around so i went inside and had a case of déjà vu, not only did it look the same, granted a tad smaller, the owner mentioned i looked like a fairy and would i like a job? by now you are probably conjuring up some elfin creature complete with pixie ears but i can assure you this is not the case. i think perhaps i have always given off this vibe as children all over and in any place have the urge to smile and wave at me, which i don’t mind one little bit! so, i ended working for the fairy shop as well as having my sideline business all the while attending the nanny centre and getting my nanny certificates and training. now i am hoping for another chapter of my life to begin so . i hope i have let you in a little bit of my world and that you understand more of the sort of person i am.

First registered: 02-Oct-06 Logged in: 8 times Last login: 29-Oct-06
Profile viewed: 7464 times Added to 1 Wish-List

Charlotte wants a live-in Nanny job to start between now and Dec-06 for 12 months in
the United Kingdom
And would prefer England

Contact details ( Full details members only )
Address: London  England United Kingdom 
Main telephone number:
Other telephone number:
Email address:
Resume/CV:  References:
Requested salary:

Education, employment and childcare experience
Charlotte has the following childcare experience National certificate in child care and education level 3 . Worked as a live in and out nanny, as a summer season nanny for mark warner and as a nursery practicioner where i was situated mainly with the under 2's. Also ran own business doing children's parties as a fairy!, certificates are above is NNEB level 3 equiv. Current first aid and,

Charlotte can provide a medical certificate and a police report

Personal information
Smokes: No
Driver: No
Can Swim: Yes
Willing to cook: Yes
Willing to do housework: Yes
Medical problems: allergic to salmon and aspartame
Hobbies: drama, travel, art history, reading
Pets she dislike: no, animal lover.
Holidays requested: 2 weeks over christmas.
Religion: Roman Catholic, Charlotte sometimes practises her religion

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